Wool Batts 150gm


Australian naturally coloured wool is used to make these beautiful soft fluffy batts that have a variety of crafting uses. Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at making your own felt !

Fantastic for needle or wet felting, the wool has been lightly needle felted together to form the 'batt' which can easily be torn into pieces, divided into thinner layers, or used as is for larger works like play mats.

The mix of uncarbonised Australian Merino and Corriedale wool makes these batts soft and luxurious yet sturdy enough for any project . A small amount of organic matter is present in this wool and can be picked out or left in for a unique natural feature.

Available in 5 colours.

Batts are sold by weight, so depending on the thickness of each batt ( which varies ) the measurements of the batts will differ. 150gm Batt can be roughly 1m x 50cm.