Naturally Coloured Wool Felt Sheets


Our artisan felt is the softest felt you will ever have the pleasure of handling and creating with. Perfect for needle felting, dying ( natural creamy white ) as well as many craft and sewing projects. Easily glides through a die cut machine to cut butterfly wings or other shapes.

Lovingly hand crafted one sheet at a time from naturally coloured South Australian wool, our felt is far softer & more porous than commercial felt and no two pieces will ever be the same.

The specially chosen Corriedale and Merino wools are not chemically carbonised, so a little organic matter is to be expected & adds a unique natural character.

A3 measures roughly 30cm x 40cm x 1.5mm

A4 Measures roughly 29 cm x 22 cm x 1.5mm. 

A5 Measures roughly 15 cm x 22 cm x 1.5mm.