Felt Play Mats Small

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Lovingly hand crafted one mat at a time from naturally coloured South Australian wool, our felt mats are far softer than others available. The specially chosen Corriedale wool tops are of the highest quality which reduces the need for the mats to be ultra thick. With a wonderfully textured, durable yet soft to the touch surface, your child will enjoy both the visual and sensorial delight of our felt play mats.

Wanting to encourage truly open ended play, these mats have been designed very simply in single colours to represent a variety of environmental surfaces imagined by your child. Whether used individually or layered together, the mats offer endless opportunities to create interactive play scapes that resemble worlds real or imagined.

There are four naturally coloured wool mats and three dyed wool mat colours to chose from:

SILVER GREY - great for moons / planets or icy playscapes

FAWN - gives a very natural sandy / soft earthen base  

MILK CHOCOLATE - looks like yummy natural earthy dirt for gardens and farms

DARK CHOCOLATE - imagine a dark land for dinosaurs or jumping in muddy puddles

BLUE - Gentle cobalt colour with deep undertones for all water related play

GREEN - Rich avocado colour with deep undertones 

RUST - Imagine the burnt ochre colours of the desert sand 

Each mat will have a unique organic shape and measure approximately 35cm x 1.5mm thick

Proudly baring the trademark of the Australian Fibre Collective, ensuring that from farm to felt, every fibre has been grown , processed and manufactured in Australia. Mats are hand dyed using Greener Shades dyes which are non hazardous, heavy metal free and low impact.