Naturally Coloured Wool Felt Pack A4

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Our artisan felt is the softest felt you will ever have the pleasure of handling and creating with. Perfect for needle felting, dying ( natural creamy white ) as well as many craft and sewing projects. Easily glides through a die cut machine to cut butterfly wings or other shapes.

* currently MADE TO ORDER with a turn around time of 5 days + shipping  *

Lovingly hand crafted one sheet at a time from naturally coloured South Australian wool, our felt is far softer & more porous than commercial felt and no two pieces will ever be the same. Proudly baring the trademark of the Australian Fibre Collective, ensuring that from farm to felt, every fibre has been grown , processed and manufactured in Australia. 

Two types of felt packs are available:  one created using uncarbonised wool and one created using natural wool tops

The specially chosen Corriedale wool that is NOT chemically carbonised contains a little organic matter which we believe adds a unique natural character to the felt. We lovingly call it Mother Natures Glitter.

The felt created using natural wool tops undergoes a slightly different process which is a little more involved, however the finished product is completely free of any organic matter. 

In each pack you will receive one sheet of felt in each natural colour:

Creamy White, Fawn, Grey, Milky chocolate, Dark Chocolate. 

 A4 Measures roughly 30 cm x 22 cm x 1.5mm.