Hi, I am Andrea of Earth & Moon. I am a mother & spirited artist who specialises in handcrafting & curating bespoke collections of natural fibre felt for environmentally & ethically conscious creators.
I am committed to the preservation of traditional handmade practices, understanding the integral role these techniques play, in supporting a responsibly creative & sustainable way of living.
Spending many years in the early education field, I placed great importance on the children in my care having natural resources to create with. I believed that fostering a child’s’ love for Mother Nature, and instilling a sense of responsibility for her well being with in each child, were the cornerstones to creating a healthy and harmonious natural world for generations to come.
While I still believe this to be true, I think it is equally as important for all people to take responsibility for their lifestyle and consumer choices. Being conscious consumers ensures that we are aware of the negative effects of purchasing items that are not produced sustainably or ethically, and armed with this knowledge, we mindfully choose to avoid contributing to mass production & wasteful or harmful processes.
At Earth & Moon we proudly produce a beautiful range of natural and sustainable hand crafting materials, that at the end of their life can be returned to the earth without doing any harm. Our transparent and low impact approach is our way of ensuring that the way we do business makes a difference for the creative AND conscious consumer community.