We know how exciting it is to receive an order in the mail, and even how special you feel when you peel back the packaging to find even more…PACKAGING! We get it, the thrill of a special order wrapped up in pretty tissue & printed ribbon in a logo embossed box is like opening presents on your birthday that you picked out yourself. But that feeling is short lived as you realise that you really wont use all that pretty wrapping again and it ends up in the bin.
That’s why, at Earth & Moon there is no pretty tissue paper, or boxes or ribbon.
Sorry ( Not sorry )
As a business we send and receive lots of packages every day, so we feel that it's important to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill, by reusing and recycling as many things as we can . So, when you receive your order from us, don't be surprised if you find it parcelled up in lots of interesting wrappings from bubble wrap to butchers paper . We hope you follow our lead and reuse or recycle as much or our packaging as you can, because when you think of all the good we can do together, just one little choice at a time…it makes you feel great..doesn’t it?