Our search for the ultimate acid dye started with a list of requirements that many products simply could not meet. Despite the many claims of ‘Natural & Non Toxic’, we wanted to know if anything containing that dye was to return to the earth, was is going a food or poison?
In a small village in Windham County Connecticut USA is the Still River Mill. They are a small family owned business whose aim is to conform to organic wool processing practices and standards from cottage industry fibre mills. In their continued effort to provide organic and sustainable services and yarns, they created the Greener Shades TM line of dyes.
Greener Shades TM is a non-hazardous, non-chrome, low impact, heavy metal-free acid dye for use on silk, wool, nylon, or any animal fibre. Formulated without the use of hazardous metals, the effluent or wastewater from the manufacturing process is heavy metal free and not classified as hazardous waste! When dyeing, you will not be putting heavy metals into your ground water. You will not be wearing garments with heavy metals in them. And lastly when the garment eventually ends up in a landfill, there are no heavy metals going back into the ground.
Greener Shades was an easy choice for us, ticking the big boxes, and ensuring you will feel confident in our commitment to the sustaining the health of mother nature.