Our journey of hand crafting naturally coloured Australian wool felt began when I first attempted to create a colour range of ‘Nature Inspired’ dyed felt. Despite my best attempts and weeks at my dye pot, I just couldn’t recreate the natural colours that inspired me. In hindsight, I’m not sure why I was surprised… Only mother nature holds the secret to her divine colour palette.
Slightly disheartened but not discouraged, I began to question my entire process…
Why was I trying to create coloured felt when the wool of naturally coloured sheep come in the perfect natural hues? I quickly realised that I didn’t need to create the colours, I just needed to create the felt!
Around the world sheep come in an incredible variety of colours and breeds, but we were committed to supporting our very own Australian farmers. We were blessed to connect with a family run sheep property in South Australia who have been developing their prize winning naturally coloured flock since 1973. It was an honour to start using their wool exclusively and know that together we were supporting many Australian families throughout the process.
Only nine months after our first pieces of Australian Naturally Coloured Wool Felt were handcrafted, we were proud to be trademark certified by the Australian Fibre Collective, endorsing our products as 100% Australian Grown and Manufactured.